I Stand corrected Now Please Correct Your Own Faults
by Andrew Zito
Perhaps one day, one day soon the USCF Executive Board will afford all USCF members in complaint to the USCF, and its executive board, the benefits of such high office as they enjoy such as expense accounts that they the Executive Board members enjoys.
Perhaps one day the USCF executive board will afford members the assistance of staff in reading, researching, writing, and typing letters to the USCF when disgruntled members eyes get weak and weary, for they are written in vain on tasks and issues the executive board should of acted upon automatically, and should have well known without needing prompting from the membership, or public as it did.
Perhaps instead of contrusting a brand new USCF headquarters in Crossvile Tennessee for an estimated cost of $600,000 we can purchase 20 or maybe 50 houses that readily sell for $5000-$10,000 in poor communities for USCF members to rehab so that there will be a permanent USCF presense all across America where its existence is now threatened. If Anyone is interested they should feel free top contact me doesn't discuss that issue either.
Unfortunately for us as USCF members, and the public, my statements were not corrected earlier by those in the USCF leadership though those statements were widely distributed, and discussed, after they had been made known publicly, and privately, and unfortunately for us the executive board appears to need more prompting which goes to the root of the problem.
After my complaints regarding changes in the publication of School Mates, the USCF executive board was slow in answering what simply could of been responded to more quickly informally but wasn't, as the Executive Board continues to be uncooperative (and Stonewalling) so as to not fully respond as perhaps it is reluctant in its guilt.
Perhaps their memos were/are some how lost on the USCF website, that Tim Hanke stated in his time running for his board needed better organizing. From the documents of USChess.org little could have been found as to what the USCF Executive Board states or stated, but from which whatever they said which was found is quoted here, in what the USCF executive Board could have more simply stated, with direction from a leadership much more to the point.
Thru its Unofficial Summary of the Nov. 2005 USCF Executive Board Open Session Meeting", the USCF admitted (confessed) by inference USCF guilt for its failure to provide USCF scholastic members at the time in question (2001) what those scholastic members paid for. The USCF's Executive Board's statement goes on to state by inference that they owe each and every scholastic USCF member two issues of School Mates which to my recollection amounts to 50,000 times two as it was published then. The USCF USChess.org web site's governance section stated:
Joel Channing brought a widely distributed memo from Andrew Zito to the Board's attention. The memo claimed that the frequency of School Mates dropped from monthly (12 per year) to 4 per year. School Mates has never been a monthly publication. The frequency dropped from 6 per year to 4 per year."
Unfortunately in the typical USCF doublespeak the USCF Executive Board did not go further so as to fully state the record, to admit, and correct its own errors in namely forgetting to state that School Mates was then published (at the time in question 2001) in a much expanded form, and that none less the USCF owes each of those members two issues of such an expanded School Mates. Nor did they state as to what they were going to do.