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Sun Oct 2, 2005  9:47 am

J accuse the Executive Board of the USCF of Fraud by Andrew Zito
Some would say we are all sinners, or that it takes a crook to catch a crook, or that no one is perfect, or that everything is a matter of opinion, but as far as we can see the USCF national leadership and many local leaders who should be pressuring for change in the USCF have not done their jobs.

We have been promised time and time again a bill of goods, and we can not support Bill Goichberg because he with all his promises he can't even provide (though mandated to) membership lists, and support to chess organizers.
In fact Tom Klem (currently the main man behind the STC Bunch) has persistently accused Mr. Goichberg of activities designed to hamper others he) Goichberg) sees as competitors in the chess tournament field in and around the lucrative area of Nevada.

Year after year the evidence is a massed that implicates the leadership of the US Chess Federation who have looted the life Members Trust fund, confidently manipulated the rules to suit their personal interests (i.e.
monopolistically allowing the dispensation in scholastic tournaments of directors permitted to register $1 1 day members to the USCF when other were allowed the same option [Can I be allowed the same favor?).

it states that:

"The United States Chess Federation (USCF) owns the name US CHESS LIVE and the Internet address, at which it offers the US
Chess Live service (USCL), which includes software owned or licensed by GamesParlor, Inc. as well as content owned or licensed by USCF and/or GamesParlor (collectively, the Providers)."

Further more it states:

"By becoming a registered member of USCL and/or using its services, I agree to abide by all policies, whether explicitly written, or unwritten but
established by common practice, and the rules and regulations set forth in this End User License Agreement (EULA), which may be revised by the Providers from time to time. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary
action up to, and including, revocation of rights to use USCL or termination of membership in USCF."

But under the GamesParlor "" EULA (End User License Agreement)"

They say "GamesParlor, Inc. ("GamesParlor") owns the name "Chess Live" and owns, or has rights to use, each Internet address where a Chess Live service
may be found ("Chess Live"), which includes software and content owned or licensed by GamesParlor, Inc"

Some one is lying and committing fraud in pursuit of stealing the like sneak thieves in the nights from the membership of the USCF.

Whereas supposedly "Chess Live is a free service available exclusively to all members of the US, British, German, and Australian Chess Federations."

It has been a project perpetuated in the fraud based on the corporate theft that is looting the USCF members by a national leadership that included the present leadership either directly or indirectly thru words and deeds, or by their silence.

I originally subscribed to USchesslive because it was advertised and represented as in the interests of the USCF and its members but I've that not to be the case. And as I paid up years in advance in subscribing to
USChesslive I am resentful of the complicity of the USCF national leadership in the fact.

In that I purchased a scholastic membership for my younger relatives that included a 12 month subscription to "School Mates" but was later that year scaled back to 4 issues I can say that the kids never benefited from those memberships and subscriptions as they weren't tournament players and didn't receive the magazine.

The so called leaders of the USCF are goniffs (crooks) who have defrauded the membership and they should be made to pay for their crimes.  Why is it that Russia has to be the first one to prosecute a past president of the
USCF? What protects the leadership of the USCF? They certainly seem to lead a charmed life.

In that I like many other USCF members have been paid up in advance subscribed to USchessive I am angry and am very very sorry I ever subscribed to the USchesslive for today if I had the choice I would exclusively play on

The USCF, Games Parlor, and USchesslive aren't the only ones on the internet committing fraud as there are even software programs that gives the appearance as they to play on your behalf (i.e. Gambitron which is sort of like the USCF sham leadership, and oppositions they alleged represent the interests of the USCF membership)  but which don't.
They perpetuate their frauds by slick sugared words and slanders, tactical and strategic maneuvers with one intent (pulling the wool over the members eyes) in their full time premeditated ineptitudes of Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dumb representing our interests when they should be working full time to assure that these things don't happen. Generally it should be said to do justice that they should be put on trial be found guilty and hung.
While on the average living conscious breathing independent USCF members hold their noses and wish a plague on all their houses as the vote for the lesser of many evils.

With all the belly aches of the USChesslive USCF Redman Hanke Sloan Goichberg (et al) puppets about how much this and that costs that FICS has not charged money has been able to provide a decent service that reflects USCF membership better than USChesslive, and which has more players and games that does USChess live but weren't even considered as candidiates for
USCF affilation?

Could it be that there is no money directly involved to be tempted with into thievery? I think so as well as they should be ashamed of themselves in steal or allow to be stolen.

Also what can be asked is why member of the German, British, Australian, Affiliates haven't addressed the problem as they also undoubted have been yoked in by their relationship with the USCF (as have we have all) but have sat silently on the side lines as if they were USCF pawns.

Andrew Zito
P.O.Box 1615
Altoona, Pa 16603
Sun Oct 2, 2005  3:59 pm
J accuse the Executive Board of the USCF of Fraud by Andrew Zito
From Sam Sloan
Andrew Zito called me at 2:20 AM this morning to wake up me and my wife and baby with this complaint.

He said that he forgot that I was in New York, not California.

However, he has a valid complaint, which is that US ChessLive was advertised as a service by the USCF.

As far as I know, the USCF has no further connection with US ChessLive and nowadays US ChessLive is owned entirely by Games Parlor.

Zito says that he purchased a multi-year membership in US ChessLive relying on the belief that it was owned and regulated by the USCF.

Apparently, Zito wants his money back.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it except admit that he has a valid complaint.

We can and should however change the USCF website to show that the USCF no longer has any connection with US ChessLive and we should
demand that Games Parlor make similar changes on their websites.

Sam Sloan
Mon Oct 3, 2005  10:55 pm
From Joel Channing
Mr. Zito,
I have two sincere requests for you:

1. Please provide me with a succinctly written list of your
issues so that I can place them on the agenda for our November
directors' meeting at Crossville, after which I will see to it that you are given coherent answers within a reasonable time frame.

2. Please try to chill out until you receive the answers.

Yours truly,

Joel Channing
Dear Andrew,

If you will re-read my email below, you will see that I said I would forward it to Bill Hall for inclusion in the agenda for our November meeting in Crossville. I emailed to Bill on October 4th.

Joel Channing
From: "joelchanning" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun Oct 23, 2005  12:36 pm
Re: If you are speaking of the Nov 16th-17th 2005 Exec Bd meeting
Dear Andrew,
The Crossville meeting is set for Nov. 5th & 6th and I've submitted
your issue for inclusion on the agenda.

Joel Channing

Eric Johnson of Philadelphia wrote
[email protected] wrote:
In a message dated 10/23/05 5:13:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
Mr. Channing and the USCF board shouldn't even be responding to your ludicrous claims.

Members buy a membership -- the contents of the membership are flexible and open to change at any time by a vote of the delegates.

The two publications (CL and SM) are a benefit of membership -- they are published solely for the purpose of communicating to the USCF's membership.

You would have a claim if 50,000 people bought a *subscription* -- there are a few dozen (maybe a few hundred) who do that.

Ken Thomas <[email protected]> wrote:

This is the biggest bunch of bologny that I have read lately. Mr. Channing, continue to do the good job that you and the elected board are doing and ignore these critics who represent no other member. I know of no member who shares their oppinion.

Andrew Rebuke of the Peanut Gallery
Eric  Johnson and his arrogant abusive delusions of power
By the way Johnson I don't always write and do you justice as you write so much abusive crud I can't seem to be able to focus.
But as you presented the view that:
"Members buy a membership -- the contents of the membership are flexible and open to change at any time by a vote of the delegates"
Let me correct you Members don't "buy a membership" PEOPLE buy memberships, and that though that "membership" maybe be to some degree as you take it out of context
"flexible and open to change at any time by a vote of the delegates"
That doesn't make what you or they do moral ethical legal nor appropiate as on signing up people for membership you don't  say you become  a member and
MAY get a magazine MAY participate in tournaments,
in membership that MAY last one year for a one year membership that MAY entitle members to being treated fairly.
You are a hypocrite promising  "the world and all before us if we only bow before you" Please go to hell for you are no better than an unrepentant thief.
You shouldn't be an alternate delegate from Pennsylvania as you are and I urge all Pennsylvania members to write in Andrew Stergiou USCF No. 1277709847 instead of Mr. Eric C Johnson's (or his elk) next opportunity they get!!!
For half a delegate or no delegate is better than Mr. Eric C. Johnson as alternate delegate.
I also call upon the delegates to sit in permanent session on a daily basis until such time the issues of crisis regarding issues in the USCF are resolved.
Andrew Zito Comment on Joel Channing
On Tue Oct 4, 2005 2:05 pm Joel Channing Reported *** he received a concise statement, but has since failed to report as to what the USCF EB has taken in the matters relating to when the USCF cheated its 50,000 plus scholastic members one to eight issues of  SchoolMates when it changed Schoolmates from a monthly to a quarterly publication but didn't pro-rate those membership subscriptions.

They say if it feels like a stalling and a snow job it is.
What is is/has the USCF waited for those scholastic members to purchase senior life memberships?
It is simple they and I and parents
paid for what they didn't recieve. Are we suppose to beg for what we
were entitled to?

Saturday October 22nd., 2005
Mr. Channing:
Regarding your posting/s, upon study given sufficient time, the problems raised in what is made even more difficult by the regular posting of undated unclear documents on the websites of the related to the issues, it has concluded that those matters referenced by you and I, must be further addressed publicly in that:
1. You say those issues were for discussion by the executive board in a November 2005 meeting, it is furthermore noticed that on the Nov 16th-17th 2005 Exec Bd meeting agenda, there is no indication that those matters will be actually scheduled to be discussed in any manner shape or form.
2. That the meeting listed was to be held in closed session, and if correct will not be clearly in the interests of the membership, preventing their study, and input, which will engender distrust and suspicion generally rather than good will.
3. In that you and the other executive Board members have not as of yet endeavored to address publicly those matters in some agressive appropiate and specific particular fashion, the membership has no reason to believe the issues will actually be appropiately addressed culminating in some affirmative result.
4. The only agenda reference found regarding an "Update on Chess Life changes, to incorporate changed emphasis as a result of cancellation of School Mates." which does not sufficiently address the issues as a matter of fact, information, and belief, to be indentifibly.
5. You have not further commented and as such presumed to be a party to the aforementioned acts.
in concerns raised, as specificly the board members have been publicly silent in what tends to lend weight and credibility to the thought/s and possibility that their position is that something wrong did not actually occur. That members were not cheated, and that the board will attempt to side track in some manner as the issues were something created by past administrations,  responsibly for which as a matter of principle is objected to in advance as unreassuing in sufficient and irresponsible.
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