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Writing well as an Inspirational Force

Responding Phil Innes, and Joel Channing

In beginning this article, I didn't start writing it, as it is currently ending, but in that it appears positively addressing matters that seems better than worse, positive rather than negative. But here I am prevented in totality from doing so because it is not an issue of what individuals think. In attempting to this article to an end , often I;ve felt it approachs near success in saying what I hope it would.
But as writers, and editors feel frustrated because of many un-foretold circumstances beyond our control as intelect and chess can not be conceptualized outside of social considerations (If my rating id too low ask GM Anatoly Karpov, and Dr. Dr. Mikhail Korenman (KS) regarding Chess for Peace which I think was under supported by the USCF even though they have done amazing work in Lindborg Kansas as deserve more credit.
Since of late I have been working hard long hours on three new websites including The PUSHED PAWN (at, I could not help myself as I got upset over the fact that I as a fledgling editor publisher toiled endlessly over my projects.That these projects had many needs that went unanswered such as a need for first class writing, and regular contributors regarding chess,

But in writing on those issues as often I do, I was distracted from the real issues by Mr. Innes and company (who was listed by Mr. Hanke as a supporter along with other pawn stealing pretender fakes. Having myself little patience for some matters such as those, I was angry. I was mad that I was being goated (drawn) into useless draining discourses with a klak (I am a creative speller) of syncophants for who the issues don't matter. As the expansively acted in a parasitical manner draining me and the USCF of energy much better spent esle where constructively. Especially since that "discourse" (sic don't compare their hack one line venting with my writing as they don't come even close) pertained to matters most often considered secondary to chess (my purpose) in affilation and the etc.

I say most often considered secondary because even more important than what I thought,, was the fact that the USCF was often drawn in directions that are viewed as unimportant by average chess players. On the other hand in extreme juxtapostion to the first was the other tendency was the complacency of many apathetic and troubled by discussing the mundane.

Average chess players garner no comfort and solace in disordered fragmented priorities cast about in federation chess politics of he said she said. Which always seems to garner disproportionate importance on some issues, rather than others, merely due to the timing and emphasis some people place on what they say, and hear, rather than the facts.

Some people are too lazy as dysfunctionally their writings drew attention to minor issues, when privately they could have acted differently, and more appropriately in a much more effective mannerr, but didn't. So suspiciously we must wonder as to why they spoke and acted as they did, and even as to whither they actually bothered to read what was written.

As I don't t believe in wasting things, or my time, and as what I said is true, and that I wrote this article originally for posting on Sam Sloan's Fide-chess group. I was in a quandary as to what to do. Tired and over worked, why should I waste my time posting al my hard work to Sam Sloan's groups when I have my own sites and groups. So I decided post the beginning of this article on Sam Sloan's Fide-Chess group on Yahoo, and the rest of it on a space I make for that column "Inside the USCF" prominently in The Pushed Pawn and regularly added to.

Mr. Innes: In so far as at first glance your post addressed to me and quoted below seems appropriate, I appreciate that, though in that as I state this with grave misgivings, mistrust and reservations.

I state what I must hesitantly due to the conduct of some USCF members, or those affiliated with some supposed USCF members, whom I consider inappropriate.

Many USCF members are inappropriate in regard to women (because of a lack of respect for women by some men), disabled members (by callous indifference to their age and health), and children which is prevalent in the USENET Rec Games Chess politics group where some people speak in any many they feel without know the age of the person the are addressing (seniors or young children). For this I condemn The Hanke crew whither or not Mr. Hanke resigned as his actions were in appropiate.
Mr. Innes has been regularly seen as part of a gang of an online verbal thugs who acted in concert harassing those they don't agree. In that I never heard them apologize repentively, and in that they intentionally acted they are so far as I am concerned criminal or fascists or both, and anyone not against them in favor of appeasement.

My views are simple even though I call for a full federal investigation of the USCF and its leadership I don't feel that means we must publish our personal details in public in order to participate in discussion. My personal detail are publicly available I have gone out of my way to make certain details public as I am an institution complete and separate from the USCF.

But why do these people insist on making personal details public?

The only answer that comes to mind is that which is criminally related to intimidation, coercion, physical threats, manipulation, blackmail, blacklisting, and bribery all of which often is discretely revealed if not bluntly.

So Mr. Innes you for one seem intelligent when you want to be, but publicly have acted in a self serving fashion, making remarks as if life was a game of chess and people were pieces, often without consideration for the people you discuss, and address.

As you suggest there is inherently a sense of confusion as generally my pen name is Zito that sounds Italian and which derivative of the word Zito (Zeta Ita Tau Omega meaning long live  because as you know perhaps the majority of Italy are ancestors of Greeks not Germans, French or Africans, or Americans).

These USCF forums have propensities to be geared toward confusion and gutter insults, causes others as well as me a great deal of emotional pain, and inconvenience. Firstly due to the complicated nature of rhetorical argument needed to answer the ignorance often presented average humans.

In that those forums often are by definition crude and vulgar (common) in conversation that lends to the burdens and confusion, I object. In that as a result of past barrages (Mr. Innes and others) that they improperly approached matters, singling out whom they liked those acts were inappropiate when they could have shown consideration addressing matters in private I object.

In that manyof these forums waste time, in the most impromptu manner, based on writing without often constructive benefit, nor formal writings in that I have my own forums, and websites I have no need for them.

In Addressing the points of your rhetoric point by point my only remark is that I found your statement superficial, shallow, self serving, erroneous, hallow, meaningless, without foundation, basis, relevancy of materiality you are at best moot, if not a dirty conspiratory and foul creature much like one of creatures crawling on the face of the earth without seeming meaning or purpose

1) its the rule in this newsgroup to identifhamny a writer - not least for the fact that this obviates impersonations, so that the real you can represent itself there is a history on some newsgroups of impersonations and invented persons, but this group seems free of it.

ANSWER: Wrong as I already stated, I add that so called policy is selectively and inaccurately enforced at best, as I have always regularly posted posts which included my true and correct email address, website addresses and domain, and groups, I have never been hiding, so how could you suggest I might done so?
Except that information was know and I was attacked, and while you have participated in those numerous attacks on my person, it was I was attacked, as if it is a crime to be who I am, though you the criminal.
2) that USCF may have been confused over your previous complaint, if they had looked up "Zito" rather than your actual name registered with them. 

ANSWER: I never addressed my complaint directly to the USCF, as its leadership has been disinterested, or hostile.
Though it is true that members complaints should receive a priority in being addressed or that you are waiting for the issues to be on the evening FOX News before you address valid complaints regardless of who present them? Is it my fault others are so easily confused in accessing this source which I am better to access anonymously and then publish as I wish else where because of the hassles I incur.

3) I understand that USCF will now investigate your original complaint - and  I hope to your satisfaction

ANSWER: The USCF leadership including the present ones should of investigated the matters when it occurred as they actually implemented the policy and callously deprived over 50,000 scholastic members what they paid for, and for which the USCF can not make good as they have lost contact with those scholastic members some of which I hope have not but undoubtedly died from the approx. 50,000 members that were listed in between August 2000-2001.

4) Thank you for your personal remark about me being 'a fascist' and this  being a nazi-club, but as you see, opinion here can in fact be very liberally expressed before the tumbrils are called out

ANSWER:Perhaps you should have Dr Redman lecture on the topic of fascism since that was the thesis of his memorable days in Italy as an under graduate student, better than I as a high school drop out meagerly surviving. BUT Mussolini was distinguished from Hitler in that he was originally a member of a traditional left of center organization that was "socialist"; and , traditionally use of one segment of the masses against another was derived for the ancient strategy of divide and conquer used by the Roman Empire.In this day and age I do not refer to merely fascist or nazi party members as many other political groups have adopted their criminal policies. Though I would prefer you not to be a fascist I view your manners as indicative of fascistic tendencies and as such I have no care for them. But perhaps in your defense you are merely anti-social. For that to date neither you nor any other USCF offered me an apology for the many abuses I suffered.

5) Good luck with your own moderated newsgroup! - as announced in

6) And good luck with attracting associates to your publishing ventures which you list below

ANSWER: What I feel is another hollow gesture as I feel you are insincere and at best pay lip service.
7) I should finish with a note about this newsgroup - although USCF members write here, and USCF may often be the main point of conversation, it is an international group in intent, and attention to USCF is probably by virtue of so many contributors being American.
ANSWER: You say this how in either presuming I don't know the international nature of the Internet and this forum as FIDE is an International Organization that I add was inspired not in the US but in Europe, and that it was impotent until the USSR joined it.
That the Greece as the current site of FIDE headquarters is not always nor gerally inclined towards American views as expressed by USCF members.

In your closing you also erroneously state:

"I am sorry if you felt any affront to your questions from this newsgroup - as far as I can tell, all respondents have tried to identify your issues, to be better able to deal with them if they can"

When actually I view that as the Hollywood propaganda movies termed a capitalist trick, as I asked no question, I expected no answers, and I feel the USCF can not correct, nor make up for what some have done wrong; and, remembering that kids were cheated/robbed that someone unfortunately should be indicted, found guilty, taken out and "hung", for what they did, or in coveringup what others did.

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How does Chess Politics Affect Chess in Kalamazoo Michigan?

I really don't like these lines of discussion others raise on this topic  because it all seems some what naive and I have difficulty finding a place to begin but certainly when people enjoy chess, sports and culture one is entitled to an answer to their questions, as why the president may interrupt the Super Bowl.
The answer is simple though it is not one which Bobby Fischer may have had really grasped as he acted primarily as an individualist instead of socially.
The Pushed Pawn has adopted the Beastie Boyz theme song line of "You have to fight for your right to party" into You have to fight for your right to play chess!"
Chess is not always merely a game between one player and his mates but an international mental sport that has millions of enthusiasts nationally and internationally, of which there are only 90.000 in the US organized into the USCF representing the estimated 20,000,000 chess players in the US, because of reasons beyond merely playing chess.
Now if you wish to play chess and have a great club with great facilities to go to, that is affected by the issues that arise when the membership numbers are restricted ...  by them being kept low due to policies which are corrupt backward and or simply wrong.
What occurs in chess on a local level occurs because of what occurs on many other levels that has a ripple effect directly affected by reactionary beliefs that doesn't even value chess (art, sports, and music for that matter) unless there is a specific monetary value placed on those activities eg the fees, the lessons, the books that can be sold, the advertising, the rentals, the meals. the chess sets sold.

How does all this Chess Politics Affect Chess in Kalamazoo Michigan? Well to be fair beside aspects of  support that could be better organized on the local level related to funding so that high school chess clubs could get the leverage and equal treatment with which football and basketball get treated, so that they can have access to official boards, sets, clocks, and staff, community centers and libraries made available to them without chess organizers having to beg borrow and steal to get them,

So that funding can be made available for teaching, coaching, travel expenses, and hotel stays, so that not merely middle class kids will be able to afford what is regularly denied kids and players from lower income groups.

'Stuart Finney' is a case in point as "a forward on his soccer team" who "can play Haydn on the piano with his eyes closed *** is currently the fifth-ranked 8-year-old in America", who has been encouraged by the extraordinary provisions of his father who is able to "shepherd him to tournaments every month, take him to chess club on other weekends, buy him more than 30 chess primers, and pay $50 an hour for weekly chess lessons". .(Ibid.. Child's Play: Grade-School Grandmasters Square Off By ROBERT ANDREW POWELL Published: December 19, 2003 New York Times Online Travel Section)

Though admirably

"Mrs. Heung, a stay-at-home mother married to a civil engineer, feels the expense is justified by her son's ability.''It's a sacrifice,'' she said, estimating she spends about $10,000 a year on chess for her son, a sum that the family struggles to afford.'' (Ibid. Child's Play: Grade-School Grandmasters Square Off By ROBERT ANDREW POWELL Published: December 19, 2003 New York Times Online Travel Section)

I ask if that is the case for a civil engineer's family with a stay at home mom what is the hope for a children with two or even one parent barely surviving on minimum wages (which doesn't mention the issue of health care).

When American chess players compete internationally why is it that they are represented by a chess federation of less than 40,000 voting members corrupted by private financial and commercial interests and the Russians, and Chinese are represented by federations of millions of members? Why is it that Germany and European countries subsidizes chess as a sport but here in the good ole USA high school chess clubs are lucky to get anything, even old small unofficial chess sets boards and equiptment?

When an American chess master gets into a confrontation with FIDE does he or she want to be presented by a federation of approximately 40,000 voting members or one with millions of members as one which represents the United States?

It is not a question of parents making sacrifices, I am tired of hearing how parents are being forced to take individual efforts to provide their children what in needed in America. It is a question of America and Americans (what ever that means) ensuring that what is required to be done is done not as a privilege and vested interests (as all too often rights become merely privileges catering to special constituencies in senior residencies and centers).

Perhaps you should visit the high school track in Flint, and ask why though that High School team had a very impressive track record some years, but they didn't compete at home (because their running track was muddy and in permanent disrepair due to a lack of funds, financial, political, and corrupt mismanagement in matters related to social programs. Whereas rhetoric is the staple and starvation is the result it is time to end those and other more egregious practices and to encourage an appropriate outlook in chess..

And any one wishing to separate the chess from the politics or dictate where and when those matters are to be discussed are not doing chess America or any one any good but instead act in a rude inappropoate socially myopic narrow minded sectarian manner perpetrated under pretexts of what is supposedly good for chess.