Arasan 5.4 Windows installer.exe
Arasan 6.3 Winboard executable +
Arasan 7.4 Winboard executable +
Arasan 8.3 installer Win.exe
kata 2.8.exe
kata 3.0.exe
PGN Portable Game Notation Files 32-bit PGN Editor (Win 95+): Edit, play through, manipulate Accessories for PGNEdit, Versions 1.3 and forward.Contents: a dll and dat file required for using the
packed options of PGNEdit's special Open Packed & Save As Packed menu options; a jpg file showing the advantages of
packing (PGN to PGC format) in conserving hard disk space.    PGN Position-Searcher. Find positions in PGN files      Freeware score collector. Combines individual chess scores into 1 PGN file, or small collections into a larger one. From Paul Onstad. Version 1.5 (6/15/97)      Pack PGN Files for EMail transmission. Freeware, beta from Paul Onstad    PGN Reader for Windows, version 1.52     Notation-based PGN file searches for Win 95+. Search by strings, moves, conditions any-size PGN file. (6/99)      Freeware PGN Site/Event/Round Cleaner for Win 95 or 3.1. No reg. fee, compliments of Paul Onstad, "U4" Shareware.      Identify & remove duplicate games from PGN files, reorganize collections. Version 4.0 (7/98) Part of the U4 family. By Paul Onstad. PGNFND -- Searches PGN files for positions.




Chess Utility Index (Subdirectory /UTIL) ACROBAT Chess Reader for Windows ChessBase Demo files for use with Acrobat Freeware demo of Alybadix Chess Problem Solver Reads Chess Genius 4 analysis output & adds annotations
(?!, ?, etc.) & numerical assesments. Shareware. BookUp 8 Viewer Blank CB Databases (1 & 4095 Games) for importing data into
CB or CBDEMO Win 95 screen-saver revelas what chess pieces do between
those boring chess matches. Fix for "alien data & "checksum" errors in ChessBase Makes sorted reports of players & number of games played
in a CB file. 32-bit (req. Win 95 or NT -- version 0.1 beta) Remove dupes from any size ChessBase databases Create new CB File containing games from any other 2 Classify CB Data by various criteria Export CB data based on multiple criteria ClubMate 2.15 for Windows DataBase Program Normalize (standard spelling, etc.) ChessBase files 13 ChessBase utilities for Windows 95/NT! ChessBase Viewer (Limited number of Games) Split ChessBase files into any-size pieces Remove unwanted fields from ChessBase Data French version of CBTOOLS Several ChessBase Utilities (DOS executables) Source code for utilities in Windows Program: Split or Combine PGN Files. By Paul Onstad.
Part of the U4 Family. Version 4.1 (9/1999) Chess Club 3.3, by Steve Wharry
cbd10b.faq FAQ for Chess database that stores games & positions, representing
each position only once. Imports PGN, stores annotations.
For Win 95/NT. See README.TXT, included. (2/98) Chess Edit 7.0, by Steve Wharry Transmit chess graphics over phone lines
chesevnt.sea Tournament Pairing Program for Macintosh Chess Recorder 5.0 for Windows 3.1. Record postal
chess games, and more! 32-but version of CHESS16.ZIP for WIn 95/NT Use your computer as a chess clock Postal move/analysis recorder for Windows (9/21/96) Chess Openings Viewer & Database Board & Pieces for use on a PC - play through published
games, follow annotations & return. Windows 3.1. Requires
VBRUN300.DLL Windows Chess Screen Saver. Replays 9 Famous Games PGN Tree Searcher for Windows. Part of the "U4" family,
by Paul Onstad. v3.3 (6/97) Takes on functions of handling PGN collections, providing
an ASCII chess "database". Part of the U4 family. By Paul
Onstad. v3.5 (6/97) Famous Games Screensaver for Win 3.1 or higher. Plays through
Game One Bogoljubow-Alekhine 1922. Registratiion ($10)
activates 14 other games. Famous Games Screensaver v2 for Win 3.1 or higher. Plays
through a game of Fischer-Spassky 1992. Registration ($10)
activates all other games of the Match. CHESSY for Windows. Create baords from ASCII positions or
export ASCII positions to clipboard. Select any node along a play tree & see board position
instantly. Imports PGN & SAN text files. Shareware,
Win 95/NT4 (10/21/98) ASCII & PGN Reader for Windows ChessAcademy (r) Chess Database Program for MS-DOS (Demo) Full-featured Chess Clock (MS-DOS) Shell & Reply Generator for CEDT70
chsevent.doc Description file for chsevent.dqx
chsevent.hqx Chess Tournament Package for Macs, v1.04 Board Editor for Win 3.1+ -- reads PGN, saves .BMP/.GIF MS-DOS Chess Game Viewer. Will read PGN files. MS-DOS Chess Game Viewer Colorful Classification of PGN Files (Windows) From
Paul Onstad. Version 2.0, July, 1998. Demo of Chess Ladder 1.5 for Windows: Rate your club's
ladder games. Clean chatter, noise from ICS PGN files. Chess Clock for MS-DOS Chess Clock for Windows 95 (freeware) Edit PGN or ASCII Game Files. Many options!
Part of the U4 family, from Paul Onstad. v3.2 (12/25/97)
cop1_sea.bin Macintosh Hyperstack of Chess Openings - user-editable
cop1_sea.doc Description file for cop1_sea.bin USCF Ratings Calculator for Windows 3.1 CSEE Chess Viewing Utility for MS-DOS Steve Wharry's Chess Tourney Director Tools.
Pairings, reports, etc. Postal Game & Analysis Recorder for Windows (v. 1.9e, 6/99)
Unzip this with PKUNZIP -D -N in a new subdirectory.
Requires Windows 3.1 and 386. 32-bit version of the above (3/2000) Database File for DV31 & DV95 (DejaVu for Windows)
djvu-mac.sea DejaVu Chess Database Demo for Macintosh
dvdemo.doc Doc file for the following 6 files DejaVu for Win 3.1 Demo: Disk 1 of 3 Disk 2 of 3 Disk 3 of 3 DejaVu for Win 95 Demo: Disk 1 of 3 Disk 2 of 3 Disk 3 of 3 Chess Openings Database, similar to BookUp EChess 2.5 EMail chess tracking tool for Windows 95 Windows Program: Classify PGN Files by ECO Code. By Paul
Onstad. Part of the U4 Family. v2.1.1 (6/97) Analyze performance in CB files based on ECO Codes Chess-by-EMail tool for Windows 3.1 - record games/moves,
& send without an external mailer. PGN, several languages,
optional diagrams. Released 10/97. ECTOOL 32-bit for Windows 95/NT v4.1 (4/98). Make & send
EMail chess moves without an external mailer. Rebel Decade
2.0 & Rebel 9 analysis support. Calculates ELO ratings for players without one, from a PGN
file Excel 5.0 workbook for calculating your ELO rating after
each game. Also does performance rating and other
stats. Several optional languages. EloScan 1.1e: Separate players' games by ELO ratings
in PGN files.
enprise.doc Description of ENPRISE.HQX
enprise.hqx Enhanced Position Viewer for Macintosh
exachess.doc Description file for exachess.sit
exachess.sit ExaChess Lite 1.1 -- freeware version of a powerful new
database program for the Macintosh. Upgraded 11/97 to 1.1
README-extract Docs for EXTRACT
extract.tgz Unix-compressed EXTRACT (1/9/98) David Barnes' PGN Extract Utility (6/24/97) FICS output to PGN, version 1 FileMate ASCII/PGN Reader/Editor for Windows 3.1 & up.
Shareware, version 4.1 (Bug Fix 2/2/97) Modem Chess Program for MS-DOS Normalize PGN Files. Uses fuzzy logic to match names.
Part of the U4 family, by Paul Onstad. v3.5 (11/30/97) REBEL Join Utility for Combining Databases
ke230.sit Chess Editor/Recorder/Animator for Macintosh

macepd20.doc Description file for macepd20.hqx
macedp20.hqx EPD File Viewer for Macintosh
macpgn31.hqx PGN Reader for Macintosh (Demo)
macpgnrd.sea PGN Reader for Macintosh Chess Club Manager (in German) Freeware Monrad Swiss Pairing System for Windows Mini-PGN for Win 95/NT: Reads PGN file & plays games back on
a graphic board. Now with analysis board. Final version, 3/98 Monarch 2.0 Chess Database for MS-DOS Modem Chess for Windows Demo of PPKDLV01.DLL -- Win 3.1/95 DLL to pack PGN as PGP --
full database functions. Packs huge DB's into small files. Names for use with Rob Weir's CBNORMAL ( NetChess 5.1 for Windows 3.1: Allows 2 players to play live
over a network supporting NetBEUI or TCP/IP. Works over
the Internet (must know each other's IP addresses, and
must have local Internet connect or SLIP/PPP). 32-bit version of NETCHS16.ZIP for Windows 95/NT NEWCBI recovers ChessBase (.cbi/.cbf) files with damaged
indexes (i.e., the .CBI file is corrupted) Prepare PGN & non-PGN games for your database. Scans text
files for PGN! In-line documentation.
Part of the U4 family. By Paul Onstad. v4.1 (4/99) 32-bit beta version of From Paul Onstad (6/99) Play interactive chess with fellow BBS-users through your
existing .QWK e-mail system. Requires OLGACTL.ZIP. Screen-
shot of OLGA in action is OLGA.GIF Control module for OGLA Chess.
olga.gif Screen shot of OLGA. Chess Database for Windows Prepare & proof an opening repertoire from PGN Files. Part
of the U4 family. From Paul Onstad. Version 1.5.1 (6/97) Sample line to be used with PERTO.
pigb4ann.txt Announcement file for PIGBase4 for Amiga
pigb4src.lha PIGBase 4 Source Code
pigb4src.txt Description File for pigb4src.lha
pigbase4.txt Description File for pigbase4.lha
pigbase4.lha PIGBase 4 Chess Database for Amiga: MANY features!!! See the
description files listed above.

pkz204g.exe PKZIP/UNZIP self-extracting MS-DOS utility which will allow
you to unpack the .ZIP files on this site. PGN Manager (3/12/98) - Win 95 app. for manipulating &
managing PGN collections. Many functions -- see README.TXT,
included. Collection of Excel 4.0 (Win) spreadsheet templates for
tracking postal games. USCF Ratings Calculator Postal Chess recorder for Windows Correspondence Chess Recorder for Windows 3.1 (Demo) Correspondence Chess Recorder for Windows 95/NT (Demo) Ratings Calculator Two MS Word 97 Chess Scoresheets, different formats, suitable
for printing & use in tournaments. CHSBD PGN/ASCII Game Reader for Windows
smrtchs.doc Description for smrtchs.hqx
smrtchs.hqx Smart Chess Reader for Macintosh: Read, classify, store
games. Swiss Pairing Utility. Software release for public comment
on the pairing algorithm, which will be in the next Swiss
Perfect for Windows. See README.TXT Round Robin pairing module for upcoming Swiss Perfect,
as above. Ratings Module for upcoming Swiss Perfect, as above. SWIS-SYS 6.0 Swiss Tournament Pairing Program (MS-DOS)
stchess.hqx Smart Chess for Macintosh
stchess.txt Docs for STCHESS.HQX Beta version of Swiss pairing system for Windows Swiss Perfect 2.4 Swiss Pairing Program for MS-DOS TascBase Demo 1.1 TascBase Demo 1.1, 32-bit version Set of PGN positions for testing software or yourself. Collection of Tournament Director Tools Batch file for adding ECO codes to ChessBase TWIC files
found in /CB/Twic-cb. Requires CBPOWER above. UltChess 1.23 -- Play chess using Fidonet type EMail
and offline readers such as BlueWave, GoldED, etc.
uudecode.exe MS-DOS program to decode uuencoded files The Viewer v1.1.0 for BOOKUP Book-On-Disk (req. Windows) Windows (3.1/95) version of Steve Wharry's Chess Edit
Postal Chess Recorder/Database Windows Program to Clean up PGN Files Windows TD v0.99 - WIndows 3.1/95/NT Tournament Director
program. Shareware. Chess diagram utility for postal/email games (MS-DOS) ICS client for MS-DOS